Dental Bonding Uses

We all know the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene habits. Unfortunately, with the busy lives we lead, sometimes our dental habits may be less than perfect. Even those who routinely brush and floss will most likely experience some oral health problems. At Dr. David Redford’s Denver cosmetic dentistry practice, dental bonding is offered as a solution to patients who are suffering from minor dental imperfections.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a conservative treatment for a large array of cosmetic flaws. In addition, dental bonding offers patients the following benefits:

Dental Bonding Candidates

Dental bonding is best suited for patients with cosmetic imperfections or minor dental problems. Dental bonding is a possible solution for many cosmetic dental problems, including the following:

After an examination, Dr. Redford can let you know if dental bonding will work for you.

The Procedure

Dental bonding is a simple treatment that generally takes just under an hour per treated tooth. There is no enamel removed in the dental bonding process, so there is little preparation required. We will clean the surface of the tooth and rough it up a bit to help the bonding material stick. The bonding material, which is a durable plastic, will cover any areas of the teeth that need to be corrected. Dr. Redford will file the material down to give it a smooth surface. When he has achieved his desired consistency and shape, he will be ready for the bonding process. The material will be exposed to a dental light that hardens the material and allows it to bond to the tooth. Once this is complete, Dr. Redford will make any final touch-ups. When Dr. Redford is happy with the results, the tooth will be polished to blend in with the natural look of the surrounding teeth in your mouth.

Alternatives to Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is an ideal treatment for minor dental problems. For dental problems that are more severe, alternate treatments will be necessary. Dr. Redford is experienced in cosmetic and restorative dentistry and is successful in treating an array of dental problems. For our patients in Denver, Invisalign®, dental crowns, dental implants, and more may be the solution for oral health issues such as misaligned teeth, severe tooth decay, or missing teeth.

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Do I Need Dental Bonding?

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