Finding an Affordable Cosmetic Dentist

If you are searching for an affordable cosmetic dentist in Denver, look no further than Dr. David Redford of University Dental Arts. Dr. Redford is committed to providing patients with high quality dental care at fair and reasonable prices. Some dental practices may cut the costs of their services by not investing in advanced dental technology. This is not the case at University Dental Arts. We employ use of modern materials, including high-grade porcelain, zirconium, and composite resin; we also use the most effective dental tools, including digital imaging and Invisalign® technology. Along with the latest technology and excellent care, Dr. Redford and our staff will help make treatment as affordable as possible for patients.

Dental Insurance

We accept a range of insurance plans at University Dental Arts. Our staff will be in touch with your dental insurance company to find out what is covered and if any policy limits apply. Dental insurance typically covers the full or partial costs of general and restorative dentistry care; this includes routine cleanings and exams, treatment of tooth decay, treatment of gum disease, and dental restorations. Generally, dental insurance will not cover procedures that are performed for cosmetic reasons alone; this includes teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.

Payment Options

In cases in which dental insurance does not cover the entire cost of treatment, we offer various payment options to patients. Those that can’t afford the full cost of treatment immediately may prefer to apply for financing with CareCredit, pay with a credit card, or set up a payment plan with our office; these options enable patients to pay smaller monthly allotments rather than one big payment up front. The advantage of payment plans is that they allow patients to undergo needed treatment immediately without breaking their monthly budgets. The disadvantage is that payment plans often come with interest rates. Before you sign off on any payment plan, be sure to review the interest rate and any penalties that will be applied if a payment is late or missed.

Dental Services

At University Dental Arts, we offer comprehensive dental services to patients, including:

Unfortunately, we can’t publish the exact costs of our services because pricing depends on the extent of treatment needed, the type of materials or technology that is employed, and how much coverage dental insurance will offer. To find out the cost of a specific service, we invite you to contact our Denver practice today. Dr. Redford will examine your teeth and gums and formulate a treatment plan, and then our staff will work with your insurance company to determine what is covered. At that time, we can provide you with an estimated cost of treatment.

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