Teeth Whitening Risks Can Be Avoided with a Little Care

Teeth whitening options are on every corner and everyone wants a sparkling Hollywood smile. But not everyone is swayed immediately. Some pause, thinking: I wonder what could go wrong?

For most people, teeth whitening is a popular and safe option for dramatically improving their appearance. But everyone still needs to be aware of what to do before and after the procedure.

Dentist David Redford in Denver understands concerns about teeth whitening risks. Though teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, there are side effects that need to be managed. Dr. Redford customizes his whitening treatments to individual needs and sensitivities to ensure the whitest smile with the fewest complications.

Whitening Side Effects

The two most common side effects, both usually temporary, are tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

There are other, less common, side effects from teeth whitening:

Whitening Isn’t for Everyone

Though teeth whitening is safe for most people when directions are followed, it’s not for everyone.

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