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Your smile is in excellent hands at University Dental Arts. Our trusted dental team can help you achieve the healthy, confident smile that you deserve to have! Performing thorough inspections of your mouth, evaluating your healthcare needs and objectives, and skillfully designing personalized plans of action to take when providing treatment are just a few of the reasons why Coloradans continue to choose Dr. David Redford as one the Top Dentists in the area. Our practice provides a full range of general dentistry services to patients living in the greater Denver area, including periodontal care, extractions, and endodontic treatment, oral hygiene cleanings, cancer screenings, fluoride treatments, TMJ disorder treatments.

Cleaning & Prevention

Many people don’t understand the importance of practicing phenomenal oral hygiene and why they shouldn’t avoid scheduling regular dental cleaning appointments. When prolong regular maintenance you put your teeth, gums, and nerves at risk for developing diseases and harboring pesky plaque and decay. Dr. Redford recommends patients have semiannual cleanings at his general dentistry facility in Denver.

Preventive care is the cornerstone on which this practice was built upon. Without precautionary, adaptable, and comprehensive treatments more patients would summer from devastating dental diseases and severe conditions like periodontal (gum) disease and gingivitis. Our goal is to provide patients with a tremendous amount of education that not only warns them of potential dental problems that could occur, but teach them how to actively fight plaque and protect their smile. 

What To Expect

A general cleaning appointment at our practice typically lasts one hour. The complexity of the oral examination, the thoroughness of the cleaning, and the comprehensive approach we take when providing a personalized plan all contribute to the amount of time we spend with every patient. Our team diligently works to ensure that your experience at our facility is a pleasant and enjoyable one. Our friendly staff is compassionate to your needs and eager to help you achieve the healthy smile that you deserve to have.

Oral Cancer Screening

Cancer is becoming easier to detect, which is why Dr. Redford performs an oral cancer screening before his dental hygienists thoroughly clean your pearly whites. By inspecting the tissue within your mouth, our smile specialists can more efficiently detect, more accurately diagnose, and more effectively treat oral cancer. We are proud to offer free screenings for every patient who comes to our general dentistry facility in Denver seeking a preventive cleaning. The reason why our dynamic and experienced team promotes cancer screenings and performs them regularly is because if cancer is caught at an early stage of development, a patient has a better chance of ridding the disease and saving their smile. 

Night Guards

Do you grind your teeth at night or suffer from TMJ disorder? If so, the general dentistry experts at University Dental Arts in Denver can help you correct your potentially harmful habit. What many patients don’t realize is that by grinding your teeth you run the risk of damaging the structural integrity of your teeth. Our customized night guards are designed to snuggly fit your smile and protect your teeth, gums, and jaw from further distress. A night guard has the ability to relax your facial muscles so damage to your jawbone joints doesn’t worsen and manage sleep apnea. If you suffer from a tension or sleeping condition and don’t take proper precaution, you may cause irreversible damage to your entire smile. Extensive damage can only be corrected by surgery and other restorative dentistry efforts. To learn more about the preventive care that Dr. Redford offers to his Cherry Creek, Lodo, and Denver patients, contact our general dentistry office today! We look forward to improving your oral health and giving you something to smile about.

Root Canal Therapy

Do you have persistent pain in a posterior tooth? You may require root canal therapy, which involves removing infected or inflamed tissue from the inner area, or pulp, of your tooth. We will perform a thorough exam, including x-rays, to determine if you are a candidate for root canal therapy. During this virtually painless procedure, your doctor will use specialized tools to clean the pulp chamber and root canals. The removal of damaged nerve tissue will provide relief from pain and sensitivity. A few weeks after the procedure, your doctor will place a custom restoration to restore function. Root canal therapy allows you to maintain your natural tooth root, avoid extraction, and protect your jaw bone.

Periodontal Care

Diligent periodontal care is essential to maintain good oral health. Regular brushing, flossing, and checkups can prevent damaging issues such as gum disease. In recent years, periodontal (gum) disease has been linked to the development of more serious conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis. These serious health concerns can be effectively prevented by scheduling regular checkups with Dr. Redford. He can provide the necessary treatments to ensure that your gums are healthy and provide gentle, non-surgical procedures to treat existing oral health issues. 

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