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Everybody wants a smile that sparkles, and with professional-grade teeth whitening at University Dental Arts, you can have one. David Redford, DMD, and the team administer safe and effective teeth whitening treatments to help restore the shine to your teeth and give you a smile that you love. To learn more about how teeth whitening can make your smile glimmer, call the office in Denver, Colorado, or book online today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes tooth discoloration?  

There are several reasons why your teeth lose their luster, including:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Diet, specifically darkly pigmented foods and drinks like berries and coffee
  • Tobacco products, like cigarettes and chewing tobacco
  • Certain medications

Your teeth also naturally discolor as you age due to your enamel, the hard outer layer of your teeth, getting thinner, which exposes more of the dentin, the soft inner layer that yellows over time. 

Genetics can also affect the whiteness of your teeth since some people are genetically predisposed to have thinner enamel.

What teeth whitening treatments are available?

University Dental Arts offers two different professional teeth whitening options: Zoom!® in-office whitening and at-home bleaching trays.

Zoom! whitening

The Zoom! system is a safe and effective whitening treatment that can make your teeth up to eight shades whiter in a single hour-long office visit*.  

Using Zoom! whitening trays, Dr. Redford applies a professional-grade bleaching solution to your teeth that whitens while you wait in the office. He also shines a special light on your teeth, enabling the whitening gel to penetrate more deeply and break up more difficult discoloration.

At-home bleaching trays

At-home bleaching trays take a little more time to whiten your teeth, usually a couple of weeks. Dr. Redford takes an impression of your mouth that he uses to fabricate a set of bleaching trays that fit perfectly and snugly around the contours of your smile. 

You fill the trays with a professional-strength whitening gel and wear them for a certain amount of time every day at home until you’ve reached your desired results. 

What are the advantages of professional teeth whitening?

Over-the-counter whitening systems have become popular due to their cost and convenience, but they can’t get you the same results as a professional teeth whitening treatment, and in some cases, they can even be harmful to your oral health. 

The whitening solution that these products use simply isn’t as strong as what you can get at University Dental Arts, so you won’t be able to get your smile as bright and lustrous as you might like. 

Over-the-counter whitening kits also use strips and trays that aren’t designed for your unique needs, leading to the whitening gel leaking out and coming into contact with your gums, where it acts as an irritant in many cases.

If you want professional-looking results, you should get professional treatment. Brighten your smile safely and effectively today by scheduling a visit with University Dental Arts. Call the office or book an appointment online at any time. 

*Individual results may vary

Zoom Teeth Whitening Before & After

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